About Us

Onehunga Car Clinic Ltd has been in the business of Auto Electrical for some 20 years in Onehunga, formerly trading as Dale Auto Electrical Ltd.

In 2004, Graeme Mills an experienced mechanic and business owner of some 20 years purchased Dale Auto Electrical and introduced mechanical repairs into the business.  This perfect blend has seen Onehunga Car Clinic grow exponentially with commercial customers such as Porta Loo, Hirepool, Sansom Engineering, Envirowaste, Super loo City Pavements to a range of repeat retail customers whose whole family bring their vehicles into Onehunga Car Clinic.

Testimonials from customers show that Onehunga Car Clinic Ltd has an entrenched reputation for honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Graeme works very hard to ensure all of his customers whether large or small drive away with expectations not only met, but exceeded. He is a tough boss and expects nothing less than 110% from his staff as he truly believes his customers deserve this.

Onehunga is a team of 3 very hardworking lads and one exceptional administration lady.

GraemeGraeme a fully qualified mechanic for 20 plus years and has never left the tools. He keeps abreast of industry trends and continually attends training workshops.  Graeme has never become complacent and is acutely mindful of his responsibility for the safety of his clients and their staff or family. He is known for his exceptional diagnostic skills and approachable, fair business manner.

Terry our skilled Auto Electrician has seriously sound knowledge. He is driven, dependable and focussed. 


HenareHenare our Mechanical Apprentice is a fine mechanic in the making.  He is bright and dependable and an extremely valued member of our team.

Karen (Graeme’s wife) ... well.... perfection in her role as general dogs body.... undersells her.

Onehunga Car Clinic is a happy team and customers remark that is palpable when they enter the workshop.